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Rules for using

The Idea behind was founded to give advanced AdSense Publishers a platform to talk about new Ideas and strategies to increase revenue.
In nearly all webmaster forums that are dedicated to Google AdSense you will find an endless number of threads with Newbie questions.
To find more advanced information on AdSense however requires you to read hundreds of those Newbie threads to find the one thread or reply that translates into more revenue for you. tries to change that.

This forum is NOT for AdSense beginners to ask basic Questions.
For basic AdSense Questions please read our AdSense F.A.Q.

Also you should visit the following great resources for AdSense beginners:

Please also comply with the following Rules:

General Rules

  • While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, profanity (or attempts to bypass profanity filters), insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.
  • Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such.
  • Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.
  • Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, visitor messages, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members.
  • We also do not allow posts or links to sites that are sexual in nature or violate community standards.
  • The team shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards.
  • Discussion of illegal activities such as "click-exchange programs", piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.
  • Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.
  • You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal.
  • Threads that are purely Advertising are not allowed outside the "Website Reviews" Forum.
  • All post must be made in English.
  • Don't post copyrighted material if you are not the owner or have a written permission to do so.
  • Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.
  • We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our forums are a privilege and not a right.

Posting Guidelines

  • You must have been a member for 7 days and have 10 total posts to post in the "Website Review" forum.
  • Start new threads in the most relevant forum category.
  • Use a descriptive thread title. Thread titles like (but not limited to) "I need help" or "check this out" are not allowed.
  • Don't create posts with nothing but a link. If you are going to link to a news article for example, give a summary of it.
  • Unless it's earth shattering news, don't post press releases.
  • Promote your own services is only allowed in the "Website Reviews" forum or as a link within your Signature.
  • Personal attacks against people, or sites will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them personally.
  • Don't "bump" threads and don't post duplicate threads.
  • Don't spam the forum with things like:
  • Affiliate links (they are allowed in signatures though)
  • Nothing but a link to your own site (you can request a site review within the "Website Reviews" forum)
  • The staff here have the final say on what is appropriate and what is not.
  • Things like TinyURL or other link masking/redirection/tracking systems are NOT allowed in posts or private messages.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed in posts, PMs, or landing pages. Any vague or ambiguous offers for signups, referrals,
  • or anything else perceived as affiliate "garbage" will be deleted and infractions given.

Thread Topics

Things that are not allowed:

  • Accounts - No user accounts of any kind can be bought, sold or traded (including, but not limited to AdSense, MySpace, Facebook, RapidShare, eBay, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.). This includes any services that promote the creation or sale of accounts in any forums, social networking sites, or anything else that involves the transfer of personal registration.
  • Signups / Referrals / Affiliate Offers - Do not create threads that offer incentives to your affiliate programs.
  • This includes any offers for paid sign-ups, redirections to landing pages, luring members to reply to incentive offers, or any other affiliate-related nonsense.
  • Spamming Software - Not allowed, don't do it.
  • Stumbles / Diggs / Social Bookmarking / Social Networking - No buying or selling of services; no exchanges; no freebies. (This also includes microblogging services like Twitter, Tumblr, Spoink, etc. or any other social network).
  • Warez / Illegal Content & Services - Don't offer to sell or trade anything that is copyrighted, stolen, or illegal.
  • Do not look for or offer services related to illegal things (hacking services, warez hosting, etc.)

Replying To Threads

The simplest way to know if something is allowed or not, is ask yourself the simple question,
"Does my reply have any value to anyone other than myself and/or the original thread poster?"
If not, send them a private message.

Things that are not allowed:

  • Bumping Threads - Do not bump or ask people to bump threads with "PM me details", "send me the URL", "I'm interested" or any other unnecessary post that can be made by PM.
  • In addition, when responding to someone's thread, you may not post in the thread to "send more information", "PM me the details", "PM sent", or anything similar. If you are interested and don't have a valid question that applies to everyone else then you must PM the original poster.
  • Hijacking Thread - Do not hijack people's thread/topic. This includes (but not limited to) purposely changing the subject.
  • PM Sent - Do not post "PM sent", "I sent you the details", "check your inbox", or any other related terms.
  • People know when they get a Private Message. If you really want to notify the user that you sent them a PM, email them.
  • Posting Offers - Do not reply to threads with your copy and paste offers (including "check out this thread", "check my signature", or "I have a blog, interested?"). Instead, take the time to send a worthwhile PM to your potential business client.
  • Copy/paste posts, junk posts, and other ambiguous replies will be treated as spam and will be deleted, wasting your time and ours. We may also issue spam infractions which could very quickly lead to a ban.

Private Messages

The same general rules apply to private messages. You will end up having your account suspended rather quickly if you spam users.


  • Your signature's size is limited to 4 lines.
  • The maximum number of characters is 300 (500 with BB-Code).
  • You are allowed to place up to two Links in your Signature that lead to your site(s) or a product page.
  • Affiliate links are allowed in your signature (but not allowed in normal posting).
  • You can't use short URL services (such as TinyURL) in signatures.
  • Your signature can't contain images, but it can include smilies.
  • The largest font size permitted is size 3.
  • Signatures can't be bought or sold, nor can they contain offers to buy or sell other signatures.
  • This guideline includes linking to web sites that solicit the selling of signatures.
  • Any attempt to include a 'hidden' signature will be removed and the user may receive an infraction.
  • Adult links are not allowed
  • Text must be in English

Duplicate Accounts

Under no circumstances whatsoever are duplicate/additional accounts allowed. You are allowed one account per lifetime.

Avatars & Profile Pictures

Most images are allowed (personal images, business graphics, etc.)

What is not allowed are things like NSFW (not safe for work), racist, hateful etc. images.

Last modified: 10/02/2012