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Are we allowed to view CPM ads on our own site?

You are permitted to view CPM ads appearing on your pages without the risk of creating invalid ad impressions.

What are CPC ads and CPM ads?

CPC stands for "Cost-per-click" and CPM stands for "cost-per-thousand-impressions"

With a CPC Ad you will get payed a specific amount (which is calculated from several factors)
each time the Ad on your site is clicked on.

When AdWords advertisers bid on a CPM basis, their ads will compete against CPC ads to display on your pages.
The AdSense technology automatically displays whichever ad will generate the maximum revenue for that page,
so these ads should only improve your site's revenue potential. If a CPM ad appears on your site, you will be paid
each time it appears on your page, not every 1000 times. The term 'cost-per-thousand-impressions' refers to they way
AdWords advertisers bid on these ads.

For example, an AdWords advertiser might bid for 1000 ad impressions. If this ad appears on your site through
the AdSense program, you will receive 1/1000 of each time the ad appears. This type of ad will only show on your
site if it represents more revenue potential than a CPC ad.

Will AdSense effect my Google listings?

AdSense does not affect your site traffic or its ranking in the Google search results neither positively nor negatively.

What do I do if I am expecting a hughe increase in visitors?

E-mail Google as soon as possible.
At least a few business days in advance if you can, and save the E-mail and there reply.
A sudden increase in visitors has been known to make Google send out that invalid clicks termination E-Mail.
If you then get terminated, you can reply to them with a copy of your E-mail and there reply.
Remember to always be polite!

Explain to them what caused the massive increase in visitors, and include links to anything that can back you up.
For example, a major web page that adds a link to your site.

Do I need to contact Google every time I make a new web site?

No. Once your application was approved and you are in the Adsense Program
you can add your Adsense Code to as many websites as you like.

How do I report a cheater?

Click the "Ads by Google" link in the Adsense Ad and then select the "Report a violation" option at the bottom of the page that opened.

How long does it take to start earning money?

As soon as you place ads on your site, get visitors, and these visitors click on your Ads you start earning money.

For details on the payment process please read: When will I get payed?

I have placed Adsense in my site for X months, but I have only made $X.00. How can I make more money?

Create more content, get a lot more visitors, educate yourself on Adsense and optimize your Ad Placements.

Read our Forum and this Adsense FAQ for more Information.

It looks like every one is getting banned. Why should I even join?

Because you might be one of the 95+% that don't get banned and stay a member for years to come and keep getting payments.
That's like saying "Why should I even make money since I'll have to pay taxes".

Should I make "AdSense only" or "Made for Adsense" (MFA) sites?

No. Make real sites. Don't create sites that you make just to get the visitor to come and then leave on the AdSense Ads.

Google isn't known for banning people from going this... YET
But one of these days they might start banning publishers for this.

Is a high PR required to get high paying ads?

PR doesn't have anything to do with the Ads displayed on your website.

Once in a while I hear about "conversion" or "visitors don't convert".. what does that mean?

You as a publisher earn money with displaying Google AdSense ads. However Google isn't the one paying you! You get payed by the advertisers that advertise on your website. And all advertisers try to increase their business with advertising. They pay for clicks because they want your visitors to buy their product, or sign up on their newsletter, etc. So conversion means how well your visitors that click on ads convert for the advertiser. Google offers AdWords Advertisers Conversion tracking capabilities which measure exactly that. And if your visitors don't convert for advertisers you'll feel it sooner or later in lesser revenue due to smart pricing.

Can I contact Google AdSense via Email?

Yes you can.
The AdSense Support Email Address is:
and for German AdSense Users it is:

DFP Small Business Technical Support:

However waiting time is usually more then a month for a reply so I suggest you try the AdSense Support Forums or the AdSense Help first.

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