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What is a Channel?

Channels are an extra code you can have added to your Ad Units, Link Units and Search Boxes
to track each of your ad units, link units, and AdSense for search boxes.

Channels can be used to compare performances of different Ad Units and are vital to optimizing your placements.

For more Information about Adsense Channels read:
Different strategies to use Adsense Channels

How many Channels can I have?

Currently you are allowed to create 200 Channels but it might be that this number is increased in the future.

Are Adsense stats a good source to check your traffic?

Note really. Many visitors, including FireFox users can block AdSense Ads or have disabled JavaScript.

If you want to track your traffic sign up for Google Analytics.
It's free and it gives you all the stats you need and as a bonus you can link your Adsense Account to your Analytics Account and see
which content of your website earns you the most with AdSense. Analytics however also uses JavaScript to track visitors.

Alternatively if you have your own Webserver you can give AWstats or Webalizer a try.
Both programs analyze server logs so disabled JavaScript is not a problem. They are also both open source and free to use.

OMG my CTR is way up, Google must be doing something! Am I going to get banned?

It won't last for long if you keep going bonkers over your earnings.

Studies show that the more time you spend looking at your earnings, the less money you make.

Get a life. Go work on your site!

OMG my CTR and eCPM is way down, Google must be cutting payouts for everyone, who else is seeing the same thing?

You need help! Get rid of the drugs and call 1-800-Get-A-Life.

Does high CTR mean elimination from Adsense?

Probably not. It shows your site is very optimized.
When you have a massive spike in clicks that is what you need to worry about.
If you average 100 clicks a day, and suddenly get a 500 click day, it might be that you got click-bombed.
Contact Google immediately and tell them what happened.

What is a good CTR?

It depends on the kind of site you got.
Some sites have trouble getting a 1% CTR. Others have no trouble getting over 10% CTR.
Read our AdSense FAQ and our Forum on how to optimize your Ads.

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