On 2010/10/28 I started AdSenseExperts.com using vBulletin 4.0 and vBSEO 3.5.

The Idea behind ((login for URL))

((login for URL)) was founded to give advanced Adsense Publishers a platform to
talk about new Ideas and strategies to increase revenue. In nearly all webmaster forums
that are dedicated to Google AdSense you will find an endless number of threads with
Newbie questions. To find more advanced information on Adsense however requires you
to read hundrets of those Newbie threads. AdSenseExperts.com tries to change that.
We are trying to create a Network of advanced and successful AdSense Publishers.
We also offer a safe haven for very advanced and successful Publishers that is closed for the public.

I will start a new long term Case Study like I did for my German medical forum.
For those of you who missed it: ((login for URL))

This Thread is a long term CASE STUDY.
Last update: 2011/05/01

Important events that may have had impact on my traffic:

  • 2010/10: Registering the Domain ((login for URL)) (as well as several others), Installation of vBulletin 4.0.8 and vBSEO 3.5.2, as well as other Modifications and Template Edits which I use on all my forums (just a Tip: use the Template modification system by Andreas aka KirbyDE). Going Live with the Forum on 2010/10/28
  • 2010/11: Official request to Google AdSense if it is ok with them to use their trademark AdSense in my domain name (no answer yet though)
  • 2011/01: Started my mini-site offering ((login for URL))
  • 2011/02: To accomplish the goal of being a more exclusive Forum for more advanced AdSense Publishers we introduced a Questionnaire that has to be answered correctly in order to be able to register. I also started to publish all new Threads on Twitter and started using Twitter to market AdSenseExperts.com under the Twitter Account ((login for URL))

((login for URL))

Traffic stats (search engines, direct and referrer traffic)

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So if you like statistics subscribe to this thread and keep up to date with
my development of this project.

Feedback is of course welcome