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  1. You want a guide on how to add google adsense in a profile? Just throw the adsense code in the area you want it to show up on the profile template. Worked for me.
  2. You say it's not that hard to do, yet you thought it was going to take you 2-3 hours to do. I understand your in this business to make money, but when you run a forum that's designed to help others, don't try to take a bunch of money for something that you say isn't that hard to do. You want a community that can trust you and come back for more help with there sites on a site like this. Maybe that's not what you want, but that's what it should be.
  3. Haha, no thanks. I already figured it out. Nice try trying to scam me for $200-$300 bucks though. Literally took a few minutes to find and add the code in. You could have simply helped me out, but you act like it's going to take hours to do. This just made my day. Good luck with your site, I'm no longer going to be coming on here anymore.
  4. How much are we talking?
  5. You know if you go onto my profile and message me, I get a notification that you replied.

    I've tried, I've failed. I got some goofy error that was flashing across my whole site at the top and not sure what it was. That's why I turned to here to see if I could get some help.
  6. You can add AdSense to the profiles, it's basic html
    Learning by doing
    The MEMBERINFO template is where you need to look
  7. Hey, I was just thinking that everyone visits the profiles on my site. Would it be possible to add Google Adsense to the profiles? Could you make a tutorial on how to do it if you know?
  8. Hello, nice site you have! I found it through your Like/Share mod you posted on I removed everything except for the +1, Tweet and Like buttons though.

    Also, if your wondering why your language is different in the Facebook Like, is because you have it setup in the Footer coding. It's the last bit of code for the Facebook section. However, that's probably your prefered language, I'm just pointing it out since this forum is in English.
  9. Hey great site ya got here!
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  1. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Thank you Michael
    Hi there Michael, I'm a forum owner and was looking to optimize my forum. I found some of your articles on and have started implementing them. I hope to see some increase in my...
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  2. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Change in the totals in Adsense
    We don't know what they consider invalid clicks, but for sure it isn't only our own accidental ones. Personally it's been a long time ago I understood today's earnings reports must not be considered,...
    Liked On: 06-28-11, 13:46
  3. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Hello from Canada!
    HI there. Forum owner of Canada's Mac, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV Community! (, heard about this forum on Thanks for having me, hope to learn a thing or two, and...
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  4. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Whats up with that smart pricing?
    Yes, thats the common misconception of publishers. It's the publishers job to drive qualified visitors to an advertiser so that they make a purchase since the advertiser is ultimately paying you for...
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  5. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Whats up with that smart pricing?
    People have this strange stigma about smart pricing. I've worked in the industry for 10 years and been involved at an algorithmic and technical level on smart pricing. It's gets very complicated...
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  6. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : AdSense integration together with nice welcome message
    Just goes to show adsense and style can go hand in hand. Congrats with the new forum
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  7. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : New member
    I'll do :) Will test some of your Adsense tipps in the next couple of days.
    Liked On: 01-08-11, 16:08
  8. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : A big block about 900x300 with all allowed adsense ads + adlink
    Hello, here is a big block that you can put at the top of your site, so that the rest of the page is free for your content and ads from other ad networks.
    Liked On: 01-08-11, 15:45
  9. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Left or right makes a big difference for AD Placements and CTR
    Very neat little trick there James, thanks for sharing it. I implemented it yesterday on my site for pushing a left floating block a couple of lines down into the paragraphs. It's to early to tell...
    Liked On: 01-08-11, 15:45
  10. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Left or right makes a big difference for AD Placements and CTR
    Hello, one solution if you want to increase CTR on your first content ad position is to use a little css trick that will push your ad a little bit down the text, so that the text will first start on...
    Liked On: 01-08-11, 15:41
  11. StarBuG
    StarBuG liked post by On thread : Do you harness the full potential of placement targeting?
    An easy way to see if it's working is looking at the eCPM instead of the gross earnings. If you see eCPM increasing it probably means what you did is working as it has increased either CTR or CPC or...
    Liked On: 01-08-11, 13:44