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Thread: Hello and goodbye!

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Hello, I was an experimented AdSense Publisher until yesterday, now I'm a newbie without an adsense account :-) Yes, finally after 9 profitable years with ...

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    Default Hello and goodbye!

    Hello, I was an experimented AdSense Publisher until yesterday, now I'm a newbie without an adsense account :-)
    Yes, finally after 9 profitable years with adsense, they finally banned my account, today, without warning, the reason is because one or several of my sites are crap, which ones I don't know.. If you ask me, all my sites are crap, but not more crap than most of the sites out there still enjoying their active adsense account.. So really I'll never know :-)

    Of course they made sure to ban it right before payment, so they'll keep the money from june and from july.. They won't refund any advertizers because the reason they gave is not about invalid clicks..

    Anyway, I made an appeal even though they didn't give me any link to an appeal form in their email and they didn't hint that I could appeal to their decision, but I still wrote them a nice email to ask them to tell me more about it so that I can comply to whatever they wish if they re-activate my account. I don't have much hope at all, don't worry :-)

    Well, I'll let you all know how it goes, if I receive a reply from them I'll paste it there:
    ((login for URL))

    I'm going to china in a few days for 4 weeks, if the great firewall of china let me work on my sites I'll start to put in hours in order to increase earnings from other sources and surely try new ones, and perhaps after 6 months or 1 year I'll be one more person to tell you that adsense is crap and that I'm earning much more without it, who knows? :-)

    I wish you all to not loose your adsense account like this, it's too stupid not to have any precise reason, at least do something crazy like putting adsense on a porn site! :-)

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    That is sad to hear.
    I hope they let you back in.
    But if not, you seem to generate so much traffic that you should definitely try to venture into direct ad sales.
    Worth the work

    Good luck.
    I hope you stick around

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    Hi, I have about 1% hope that my appeal email will lead to an unban of my account, and that's because I'm optimistic :-)

    As for traffic I don't generate that much at all on my english sites, for instance shetoldme is at about 4,000 UV per day and best reviewer at about 3,000 UV per day.. On both I have put buysellads so that I have access to their pool of advertizers, I've set low prices, there are some advertizers. But at the moment on buy sell ads I'm earning about $5 per day.. yes that can only increase, but for sure I don't see it outperforming adsense, only with a mix of other sources that I need to develop.
    And also this ban frees up lot of time to invest in affiliate program which I never enjoyed spending time on so far, now it is a necessity, so I'll do it. I know that for affiliate programs I need to change my way of attracting traffic, it is not as simple as with adsense where any traffic from search engines generates SOME money at least. With affiliates I'll start producing pages only about products and problems/solutions.. I think that move only will make good improvement in my current earnings with clickbank and the lot :-)

    Plus in the past I always gave adsense units the best ad placement.. So if I try the same ad placements for other things, they will perform better than before when they always were displayed in the less optimized spots, since adsense was already occupying the best ones.

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    I heard that there might be hope that Facebook will soon bring out an alternative to adsense.
    I hope for you and many other.

    ((login for URL))

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    Dats very sad... I hope you will get back your account

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    Well it's not looking good, but I have a pending appeal that they haven't replied with they copy and paste yet. They state that they will send a reply (probably a copy and paste text saying whatever meaning no way) once and that's it. Well they still have to send that reply, until then I consider my case pending hahahaha

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    Finally I got the email today. So that's it.

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    What was their reasoning for closing your account?

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    As I said the reasonning was that one (or more, they don't say) of my sites is violating one of google webmaster guidelines (they don't say which guideline, but maybe one about having clear navigation) and so they close my whole account.
    Simple as that.
    When I emailed them an appeal (basically saying that if they tell me which particular site or sites is at fault I can either correct the issue or remove adsense from this or those sites) they simply sent a copy and paste answer saying no.

    My problem with this ban is that first of all I don't know which site they're talking about, for sure it can't be all my sites. But I can't even think of one that is so difficult to navigate that it would fail the google webmaster guidelines. So I'm left wondering if they are even talking about one of my site. It wouldn't be the first time they make a mistake, last time was in march 2012 when they disabled ads on one of my site for 2 weeks, and after several email they admitted it was in total mistake, nothing to do with the site or me.
    One error before was in november 2011 when they disabled ads on another site of mine for having more than 1 mobile ad, when in fact I never had even 1 mobile ad.

    So that's it. If I was unpolite I'd say fuck the lazy bastards at adsense policy team, but I'm polite.
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    HELLO nice to meet you

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