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Thread: Hello and goodbye!

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Originally Posted by Warocks ((login for URL)) HELLO nice to meet you Copying and pasting "HELLO nice to meet you" to all new threads in ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warocks ((login for URL))
    HELLO nice to meet you
    Copying and pasting "HELLO nice to meet you" to all new threads in introductions doesn't give me a good opinion of you.

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    Hi James,

    did you try to appeal after AdSense started its new appeal process?

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    Hi, no I have tried 2 (or 3) times but always received a copy and pasted email which was irrelevant to an appeal process. Which means I never even got the copy and pasted email which says "after reviewing your account once again we confirm our decision". It was always "since you were banned, you can't get back in". Something like that. Really a monkey job.
    Now I don't even want to try again, I'm focused on growing my affiliate income, it's not easy, but it wasn't easy at first when I started with adsense in 2003. So I need to work more to progress. Going back to adsense will make me lose my focus and I'll become lazy again :-)

    EDIT: Actually I've checked, I saw that only appeal for invalid click activty has been "improved" in their words and if it was for another adsense violation I should read the rules again (so no appeal possible) so I decided to do another try, this time asking for a proper answer to my appeal.. So I'll add that attempt to my forum thread on my site.. I'm pessimistic about the result, but hey, it was fun remembering this ban and telling them all about it. :-)
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    Hey JamesColin,

    I'm sorry to hear that happening to you. But, if I can be honest...

    In my opinion your sites look horrible. Shetoldme looks bad and easily could be a reason of that ban. The other one is much better... excluding homepage...

    I'm not surprised that G banned your adsense account.

    Anyway, I hope you will find some good alternative.

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    Hi, don't worry for me, being banned from adsense is just as if adsense never existed. No problem earning money online without adsense. As for my site looking bad, well, you're surely right.

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