Some of my Clients I worked for is dedicated to modern Italian life and culture - showcasing the Italy of today rather than focusing on Italy's past. Life in Italy is a place where expats, Italian-Americans or travelers can learn about the very latest from Italy. is focused on bringing you information on upcoming movies, and Sneak Previews. They are becoming the number one site for upcoming movie previews, and provide movie coverage well into the future. They also have a huge archive of old and new TV Shows, Directors, DVD Release schedule and more. is a German informational website about housing, furnishing, furniture, renovation and much more. is a spanish free software website that offers links to hundrets of open source and freeware programs. The site is offered in English, German, Spanish, Italien, Frensch, Portugues and Dutch. is a community of insurance professionals and consumers who are looking to further their knowledge of the insurance industry. They utilize the collective knowledge to gain further understanding of markets, products, niches and other aspects of the insurance industry. is a a German information website about beauty and every kind of plastic surgery including contacts to professionals.

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