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Google AdSense isn't paying you enough! Discover how to Unleash the Full Earning Potential of YOUR Website!

Remember the good old days of the Internet? You know, before Google became the 800-pound Gorilla...

The time where Pandas were still cute little bears and not a threat to a webmaster's business...

Now they not only make all the rules, but they enforce them as well. And one of the things they've seen fit to do is to pay less than ever to us AdSense Publishers.

Gee whiz! Does that bug you as much as it bugs me?

Well I've done something about it. Simply by paying close attention to the less obvious and little things as well as hundreds of hours of rigorous testing I was able to beat the system!

Merely slapping AdSense Code on your Website just doesn't cut it anymore!

Hi... my name's Michael Scheel.

I am a 32 year old German pediatrician working full time on an intensive care unit for premature babies.

I've been creating online projects since 1994 and I am a Succesful AdSense Publisher since 2005 running several German health forums and

The Secret to my Success is constant Education and Experimentation with Unique Ideas for AdSense Placements and Strategies.

Discover SECRET Optimization Techniques Proven to Squeeze Tons of Money out of Google AdSense

Every website utilizing Google AdSense can be optimized to increase AdSense revenue. Become one of the few that know all the little tricks and secrets to Whopping Earnings with AdSense.

"I love it when my AdSense Revenue Stats look like the uphill part of a Mountain"


Michael Scheel

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

My Service is NOT some 'magic pill', where I tell you to do one easy thing, and wake up rich the next morning. If you truly believe such dreams are true, there are plenty of scammers waiting to take your money. However I guarantee you that you don't have to pay me if you feel that my service was a waste of your time!

Contact me if you want to squeeze the most Revenue out of AdSense.

Let's get one thing straight though...

I'm NOT a good fit for everyone.

Simply put... if I don't think I can make your project a smashing success... I'm not going to take you on.

Sorry... but that's just the way it is.

I live and die by my reputation... and I'm not going to tarnish it by taking on a project I'm not positive I can turn into an AdSense profit-pulling monster.

"Great Report..."

"I enjoyed your fresh approach to my site and your ideas. Sometimes we get really stale staring at the same site without any objectivity from another party."

Dean F.

Secondly... I only work with Webmasters who are 100% serious about making their project a HUGE success.

So if you're not willing to make the investment in your business... cross me off your list right now.

I offer the following services

  • Full Analysis of your website
    An in depth analysis of your website to identify high traffic areas and categories for optimized placement targeting.
  • General Website Optimization
    Optimization suggestions which don't necessarily focus on advertising (e.g. SEO, Design Optimization tips, etc.).
  • AdSense Optimization
    AdSense Optimization suggestions include new placement ideas, different approaches to ad formats and ad layouts as well as advanced Optimization techniques and strategies.
  • Development of an AdSense Channel Strategy
    This is vital to real Success with AdSense however this is one of the most neglected features by Webmasters.
  • Implementation of an AdSense Channel strategy (optional)
    If you have a big website with lots of categories, implementing a new Channel strategy might require the creation of hundreds of new channels and ad units. I can do this time consuming work for you.
  • Development of an Ad Server Strategy (optional)
    Utilizing the power of an Ad Server does not only give you the option to sell advertising directly, it also enables you to maximize your AdSense Earnings BIG time.
  • Setting up the Ad Server (optional)
    Depending on your website, setting up an Ad Server might require a complex structure of ad units, orders and line items. I can do this boring work for you.

Pricing: 100 EURO / hour

I have to warn you though... as I work on a "first come, first served" basis,
my schedule tends to fill up VERY quickly .... and if you are determined
to "wait"... you may miss out entirely.

Don't put the success of your business in jeopardy.

Fill in the form below and we'll talk about how I can transform your website into an AdSense Money making Machine.



P.S. Optimization is what separates the winners from the losers. Running a website is a business and the "old school" AdSense Techniques just don't cut it anymore. Treat your website like a real business - Contact me right now and we'll talk about how we can make your project a massive success