Tricks Of Google Adsense
1.)Display Your ads above the fold
2.)Put Your ads near the sign up area
3.)Adsense Geeks say the best ad is 336*228
4.)Nicely integrate your ads with your website background and texts
5.)Your ads should look like the actual text
6.)Choose text ads
7.)Remove low paying ads by competitive filter
8.)Track your adsense ads by filters
9.)Optimize your website with website optimizer
10.)Change the link colours to blue so that you will get a high CTR

Do’s ad Don’ts

1.)Never ask someone to click on your ads
2.)never provide incentives to click on your ads
3.)Never click on your own ads
4.)Never engage in keyword spam
5.)Never engage in link spam
6.)Don’t sell your site links
7.)Never alter the google adsense code
8.)Don’t paste your ads in gambling or adult sites
9.)Don’t refresh your site frequently
10.)Don’t buy traffic