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Hi I just stumbled upon a service I think could be interesting for quite a few of you. It's ((login for URL)) (I am not ...

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    I just stumbled upon a service I think could be interesting for quite a few of you.

    It's ((login for URL)) (I am not involved with them nor affiliated)

    You can sign up with them for a flat fee per month and number of Ad Impressions and let Advertisers buy Ads on your website.

    The biggest plus is that there is no commission but instead a flat fee which is competitive.
    You can use third party Ad Networks as fall back or implement their Ad Codes into your Ad Server.

    So if you are into selling Ads directly this service might make your live easier.

    Unfortunately for me is that they don't offer their service in German nor do they accept other currencies for payment then US Dollar.

    Let me know what you think

    p.s.: If you have other solutions to sell ads directly via an automated or semi automated system, please let me know!

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    I use it's automated but they take a commission, I'm guessing 25% of the price you set. There's no fall back, but if there's no ads sold it doesn't take up space and adapts itself to the number of sold ads, you can set it to rotate ads or just add ads as they are sold.

    Otherwise I'm sure they are plugins for wordpress or even stand alone scripts if you want to have nothing to pay to others (except to paypal of course)..

    So that's what I use, I accept the commission in exchange for not having to bother about anything related to those ads renewal.

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