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Thread: Does anyone remember my AdSense ban in July 2012? I know I do! :)

This discussion is about "Does anyone remember my AdSense ban in July 2012? I know I do! :)" in the "Advanced AdSense Publishers" Forum.
And now there is an open letter from some anonymous ex-employee. I don't know if it's true, it looks like it is because it's very ...

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    Böse Does anyone remember my AdSense ban in July 2012? I know I do! :)

    And now there is an open letter from some anonymous ex-employee.
    I don't know if it's true, it looks like it is because it's very precise, but if I were to do a fake open letter, I too would be very precise in my fake letter.. Because it then looks real.

    ((login for URL))

    But I'm biased to believe this open letter to be real, because what happened to me can't be explained just by saying "oh well, Google hires monkeys, so they do a monkey job" it just doesn't fit the image I have of a big organization.. OK you hire cheap labor / monkeys, but you don't let them handle everything, you also have upper management to deal with parts of the process down the line..
    For instance I'm not surprised if a monkey bans my account by mistake, but then I would expect the appeal process to be handled by humans, with some education, able to do a proper copy&paste for instance... And it obviously wasn't the case for my several appeal processes..

    So, the explanation that this open letter brings suits better to a big corporation such as Google which we know all tends to have sociopath behavior.. If they need quick cash in order to improve their share's value for this quarter, they'll do anything to achieve their goal, including banning high earning publishers who are unlikely to make further problem about the ban and keep the money to improve the quarterly figures, even scarifying the account's future potential earnings, as long as the immediate needs of the corporation are met.

    What do you think? Have you been banned in the past years with a high earning account? High earning from the open letter seems to be a minimum of $5,000 a month..
    When they banned me, they kept $11,000 earnings from the month of June and 3 weeks into July. So, the date of my ban, the amount of my earnings, the very surprising ban itself (no clear reason) and the bad-joke appeal process(es) all point to the things mentioned in the open letter..

    Please share your opinion about this..
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    Now, one day later, there's a follow-up, a new letter in response to the various reactions :
    ((login for URL))
    What is funny is that perhaps it's another prankster who wrote the second letter, who knows? :-)

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    Do you really belive that Google is kicking out his biggest earners?
    What business model would that be?
    Google is earning much more by keeping them then kicking them.

    That is simple business math

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    Yes, when you do the mistake of thinking like that, it makes no sense.
    But are you thinking like a company listed on the stock market and trying to not have your stock value go down too much because of quaterly financial results?
    Try to think like that, find the financial news articles of that period, and then suddenly the simple business math is not working anymore.
    In this situation, presenting better financial results in the short term is more important than thinking in the long term.
    Have you never heard of multi-national compagnies laying off thousand of workers, while still making an annual profit by the hundreds of millions? How does that fit with simple math? It doesn't. But it fits when you have a stock value attached to your company, and shareholders are mostly concerned with the stock value, end of story :-)

    The argument you present is not common sense, it's just a bad one, because you apply a logic which isn't a universal logic but you pretend it is.

    I'm not saying this letter is true or false, just that I won't base my belief on what google says or on what I think..

    I'm sure you do not remember my own ban, but I can tell you if it happened to you, you would remember the details and how it was such a bad job from A to Z (appeal process included)
    But of course, when it's not yourself who have been banned, it's easy to sit down and think "well, he must have done something wrong, otherwise it makes no sense to ban him, it's simple business math" :-)
    Well, even if you were right about that, it wouldn't explain the butchered job which has been done during the appeal process.. It was obvious that I was "talking" with a monkey, unable to properly copy and paste an irrelevant answer in an email..
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