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Thread: Intellitxt vs Kontera vs Adsense

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I have been trying for a while to monetize better my site adding some other revenue streams to adsense. After some research on the web ...

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    Default Intellitxt vs Kontera vs Adsense

    I have been trying for a while to monetize better my site adding some other revenue streams to adsense.
    After some research on the web I went with Intellitxt since basically all posts were declaring Intellytxt a clear winner in revenue so I tried Intellitxt in text ads for about 6 months. Recently a Kontera rep emaled me and offered me a good revenue split if I switched to Kontera. I decided then to try Kontera since the implementation of on of in-text advertising is very simple - ( quite the opposite than implementing Ad Manager ) -

    Anyway I was surprised to see a much better revenue from Kontera ads wich during the fist 10 days of implementation are bringing in about 16.5% of Adsense revenue. I will do more experimentation but the 16.5% seems just to be on top of Adsense ( I mean it does not seem to take away from Adsense clicks ) -

    My suggestion is anyway to test in text advertising and test with both Kontera and Intellitext - Also if your site interests the advertiser you might be able to get a better split than 50-50
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    Thanks for the report. I did an objective test back in december 2009 for a full month, on the same site which is a site with many different topics and significant traffic, by displaying 3 in-text ads networks alternatively. A/B/C testing.
    The result in earnings were:
    1. infolinks
    2. kontera
    3. chitika linx

    The problem was that rep from infolinks knew about this test since the start, kontera rep also knew about it some time after it started. It was a public testing (I published the results weekly on a public forum). So the results can't be taken too seriously since the rep can increase the revenue share of any account if they think it can be beneficial for their company.

    What happened is that after the test I was about to put infolinks on the site, but got a CPM deal from kontera, so that the earnings would be only dependent from the traffic the site receives, and they upped the CPM so that it was better than the infolinks one. So now I have kontera only on this site.

    I haven't tried intellitxt.

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    Kontera, Echotopic, Intellitxt, Vibrant Media, Skimlinks, Infolinks...lots of options

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    I just realized that my Intellitxt links were in green - When I switched to Kontera the links appeared automatically in Blue.
    That might have made the visitors more prompt to clicking on the links - I just switched the Kontera links in green. I will run the links in green and in 1 week I will try to let you guys on the forum know how it is going.

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    We have Kontera on our site but think the user experience is pretty bad, both in terms of being annoying but also page load times decreasing because of the extra weight of their JS on our page. We are going to remove it and see what happens - see if we end up getting better indexing from Google for faster page load times and also more engagement and PVs on the site because the ux is better. Results forthcoming...

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    Has anyone had positive experience of Prosperent - I'm trying them out on a product-based, low traffic site, to see whether this is a better service for my website visitors, as it throws up product links, rather than text links?

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