Let’s get right into some of the all too frequent AdSense problems that arise. We’re going to point you in the right direction to get them resolved.

You need to be prepared to get your best go-to keyboard minions to help. Some of these issues vary in technical complexity. For some of them you may need to recruit some help. Even if you’re non-techie, we’ll still give you the insights into what needs fixing. That and how to go about it.

  1. My AdSense Payment Gets Delayed
  2. I'm limited to 3 ad units
  3. I'm not a premium publisher
  4. My AdSense CTr and Earnings are Low
  5. I can't login
  6. My ads are not diplaying correctly
  7. My ads aren't relevant for my audience
  8. I built a website for AdSense but it's not making a profit.
  9. My AdSense and Analytics Stats don't match
  10. I'm worried about running AdSense with other ad networks
  11. I'm worried about trying other revenue streams
  12. I can't get support from Google

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