The IAB in March 2011 announced 6 new Ad Formats as the new Rising Stars.

The new IAB Brand Advertising Formats are:
  • Billboard submitted by Google/Youtube. Dimension: 970x250px
  • Filmstrip submitted by Microsoft. Dimension: 300x600px
  • Portrait submitted by AOL. Dimension: 400x600px
  • Pushdown submitted by Pictela. Dimension: 970x90px Expanded: 970x415px
  • Sidekick submitted by Unicast. Dimension: 300x250px (+300x600px, 970x250px) Sidekick Dimension: 850x700px
  • Slider submitted by Genex. Dimension: 100%x90px (or 50px height) Slider Bar Active Ad Content Dimension width: 950px

I suggest that you watch the video, IAB's Peter Minnium - Rising Stars, 16:27 as an overview introduction and then dive deep into the six ad units screenshots and pdf style guides.

It still is uncertain which of these Ad Formats will become IAB 'standards' and most likely will various Ad Networks adopt different Ad Formats.

I think these Ad Formats look promising even though due to the size load times will for sure become a concern. And by displaying ad formats of these sizes you most likely end up with one Ad Unit per page otherwise it will look cluttered and if CPM prices (these are branding ad formats after all) payed by ad networks will reflect this, remains to be seen. Of course that does not hold to those selling the ad units directly.

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