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Thread: Great Adsense Secret to overcome low CPC

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    Default Great Adsense Secret to overcome low CPC

    Hi Everyone,
    I recently joined adsense experts and I want to share a great secret that you can overcome low CPC for adsense ads. You will have to search for adsense ad preview tool on google and install it on your PC. It works only with internet explorer.

    After you are done installing then open your site and right click on the ad anywhere and click on "Google adsense preview tool". You will get a box opened where you will see the urls to adsense ads.

    Select all those URLs and scroll down to see the URLs of all the websites.

    The next thing is to find the exact details of their adsense URLs CPC.

    There is a tool called ((login for URL)). Just paste the URL and hit the enter key.
    You will get result, so now click on "Ads" tab.

    Checking the keywords and CPC would tell you an exact idea of the CPC you’re receiving at your website. This way we can list the websites which are paying lower CPC.

    So now we have done a good work and listed the URLs of the adsense
    websites which are paying a very low CPC. But how to remove these ads from
    my website? Only then I get a chance to bring a better CPC better performing
    Adsense ad. Right??

    You can also use for this.

    Now, using google adsense competitive ad filter copy and paste the URLs depending upon the result.

    You are done, and you will see that your adsense earnings will be increased.

    Thanks & Regards

    ((login for URL))
    ((login for URL))
    ((login for URL))

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    I am using this method already, but it's very hard to block literally thousands of publishers. So, basically, what I do is blocking large, well-known websites, such as Google, Facebook, AOL, etc. and occasionally low CPC websites that I see when browsing my site. I personally use iSpionage to check for low CPC, but I instantly block websites that have thousands of ads out there.

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    Default Hi

    Yes. Its a big problem to overcome low CPC. Country also matters a lot when it comes to CPC.

    If you are getting USA traffic then its good but I get local traffic from India and other asian countries where cpc is too much low and it suck..

    Will have to find something else.

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    Personally I block nothing, I let adsense do its job and focus on mine. Worked out fine so far..

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    I never blocked ads before until this month because some members started complaining about the ads. I run a gaming forum and we were constantly getting dating websites and junk like that. So I just put a block on a few of those sites and the ads haven't shown and I haven't seen a difference in revenue.

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    I think I will try this. Has this worked for anyone else?

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