So ad blockers am I right?! Itís easier to down a wheat grass smoothie than it is to get an ad impression nowadays. Publishers are feeling the pain of ad blockers and if you landed on this page youíre probably no different. But donít fear, this is not another whiny post about ad blockers.

This is a stop crying about it and take action post. First, letís understand why is this happening?
Bottom line, ad blockers mean that every ad impression just became more valuable and you need to make the most out of each one. Obviously, this means you need to get serious about ((login for URL)) to ((login for URL))and increase ad revenue. But thatís not why we gathered you here today.
This blog post will teach you 7 psychological theories, practices, and tricks you need to know to fight ad blockers and maximize your ad earnings.
7 psychological phenomenons that can help you understand and fight ad blockers:

  1. The Foot in the Door Technique
  2. The Focusing Effect
  3. Information Bias
  4. Investment Model
  5. Social Identity Theory
  6. Confirmation Bias
  7. The Ben Franklin Effect

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