I've been searching endlessly for an answer to this question. Can I create a dynamic floor -or dynamic network bid- for DFP? Perhaps by passing some variable in the DFP tag or by other means.

The reasoning for this is that a another network aside from Google will almost never beat Adsense, so setting a floor to try and daisy chain will result in few impressions and a lot of inefficiencies. The only way to get a real lift would be to accepts a bid response from RTB like Pubmatic/ Rubicon/ Appnexus/ etc. and then pass that bid for that individual impression onto DFP as the network bid/ price floor. That way Google only serves when it can beat the other network and the other network only serves when it can beat Google (DFP, adsense, whatever you want to call it).

While this is very basic in concept, I have not been able to find a solution anywhere. Does anyone know a solution?