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Thread: adsence and panda update

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Helllo all , i had wierd day yesterday and i want to share and see what do u think , 20 of my website, all ...

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    Default adsence and panda update

    Helllo all , i had wierd day yesterday and i want to share and see what do u think , 20 of my website, all unique content, with good bounce rate15-28%, 300 visitors a day ,
    those net of adsence just hit hard by google panda i think. ( made 90usd a day with this net)

    In one day(yesterday) all those 20 website , all unique, just got same adsence code, fall on rank in google from page 1 to page 5... but stil other 2 sites with same case didnt fall on rank ,
    any clue whats happend yesterday? Is it happened to anyone else?
    If google hit the seo by checking same google pub on sites.... should i make a small companies per 4-5 websites to make a good money ?

    thx for help

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    I have several "aged" sites with good content that is unique that also got hit by Panda. Have no idea why, so frustrating to try to figure it out and fix it. Mine wasn't yesterday though. In the last few weeks.

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    frustrating = the right word man , well the thing is i added last week some profile links(bad content farm or someth) to the money site, maybe it effect on one site bad , then to all the same pub of adsence, i dunno , the weird is that still 2 website are over there, standing and doing money like every day.........

    Any recovery Advice ???????????

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    I can't find any news about a new panda update 2 days ago.
    There was a Panda update around 14th oktober though.

    A good place for information regarding Panda and SE News is:
    ((login for URL))

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