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I recently set up several of my ads using the dfp sysetm. I set up my placements and as you can see I have 12 ...

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    Default Ad Planner Confused?

    I recently set up several of my ads using the dfp sysetm. I set up my placements and as you can see I have 12 placements

    ((login for URL))

    Now I have 3 websites

    ((login for URL))

    All set up in Ad Planner. Under the Placements I told them to share with ad planner....

    When I go into Ad planner though and started toying around I found the Marketplace and I went to Placement and it seems as though they are all pointing to blogspot which I didn't even put in my ad planner and I don't even update my blogspot anymore. But the CPM and everything is what I set up in dfp.
    ((login for URL))

    I looked around to see if I could unlink blogspot somewhere but I dont see how they got linked. Why would Ad Planner think everything is for that site and not my other 3 sites. Was there a step I missed where I should have pointed it to one of my sites?

    Also I see that it takes 48 hrs to update and I am hoping thats why its only showing 8 placements instead of the 12 I actually do have. I just want to make sure that advertisers are going to see my real sites with advertisement spaces and not my blogspot which I don't use.

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    I had the exact same problem and asked for help in the help forums here: ((login for URL))

    However I think after 24 hours the problem solved itself

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    Very frustrating to do all that and still not have it set up properly. Can't look good for anyone who is thinking about advertising for them to click on those links and be taken to a site that isn't functioning anymore. I've sent off a ticket to DFP so hopefully it will get resolved soon.

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