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Thread: $78 RPM 'typical'????

This discussion is about "$78 RPM 'typical'????" in the "Advanced AdSense Publishers" Forum.
I got one of these 'personalized tips' messages from adsense recommending I use wider ads. Actually I had just recently changed to wider ads, so ...

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    Default $78 RPM 'typical'????

    I got one of these 'personalized tips' messages from adsense recommending I use wider ads. Actually I had just recently changed to wider ads, so the message was a little late in coming.

    However, I found this part of the message to be very surprising:

    "Advertisers prefer wider ad units for their premium inventory, resulting in higher bids for your ad placements. Though all sites are different, publishers typically see $78.67 RPM when using the wider ad size."


    Ok, after going with the wider ad format before this message came - I thought I was doing well to get my rpm just barely breaking into double digits. But if publishers "
    typically see $78.67" I am seriously missing out on something!!! And my site deals with consumer products, so we have relevant ads that appear, but I'm no where close to that!

    What to you'all thinK? Is that a typo, or are - typical - publishers really making that much? Am I that much out of the loop that I thought my $10+ was higher than normal?

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    That's pure bullshit. Really, I'm not saying that for anything other than it just doesn't make any sense at all. Way too high, talking about the ad unit RPM or even the page RPM.
    Plus they forbid publishers to exchange such datas between themselves publically on forums, so yes, adsense can make up anything they want, like a typical CTR for 300x250 is between 45% and 60%..
    We know it isn't true and would be dependent on many factors anyway such as ad placement.

    The $78 RPM 'typical' is the same thing, totally stupid.
    Just thinking about it, how many advertizers would typically pay $78 per 1,000 impressions? And that doesn't even count the adsense share.

    Your $10 RPM is already good.

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    You only get this kind of money if you are in a very specialized niche with premium customers.
    Like the energy niche where professionals are the main customers.
    However even in these niches you wont get that much via AdSense

    So don't even bother thinking about it.

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    You mean.... they liiiiieeee?

    Seriously though, it seems rather odd though, I don't see how they would benefit from raising expectations that high. A smaller exaggeration, sure, but that much?

    Thanks for the answers on this. When I read their message, I - mostly - knew it was unrealistic, but at the same time, what if...? So I needed to bounce it off someone else that knew what I was talking about

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    what is very specialized niche with premium customers.

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    I would think certain meds and high end products, with readers in a demographic that tends to click on ads. But I'm just speculating... trouble is, the more specialized the niche, the fewer readers you have... might take a whole month to get that 1000 views

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    For Me Page RPM Is
    €13 And It's Ok

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