His statistics look OK, but Manziel's inability to step up and make throws under pressure has driven the belief that he can't have lasting success as a pro.And he shrugged off cornerback ((login for URL)) Brandon Browner's suggestion that he would tell his New England teammates to break Sherman's elbow.On Thursday, they went through media training by asking each other mock questions, and on Wednesday they took a tour of the museum at Levi's Stadium to learn some of the history of a franchise that won five Super Bowl championships in the 1980s and 1990s. Tight end Busta Anderson sent photos of statues in the museum to his family."We're making things tough on defenses," Romo said. "We're upset when we don't score on a drive. Ultimately that's where you want to get as an offensive unit.""The last thing you want when you bring another team in ((login for URL)) is to have fights," Garrett said. "We make ((login for URL)) that abundantly clear with our ((login for URL)) team. That's not why we're bringing another team in here. It's to get great work against a different group of players and coaches."Then, with 8:13 left in overtime, Myers lined ((login for URL)) up a 48-yarder ?and pushed it wide left.