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Thread: What is a good AdSense eCPM?

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My ecpm is 0.57. I have been reading people have been getting as high as $50 for their sites. A few days ago I decided ...

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    Default What is a good AdSense eCPM?

    My ecpm is 0.57. I have been reading people have been getting as high as $50 for their sites. A few days ago I decided to use openx and chose this option(If the cpm is more than 3.00, openx can show its own ads). To my surprise, I have been getting really good results. They have been paying me about 3.4 cpm so far and its way better than what adsense is paying me.

    Your experience?

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    For me a correct eCPM is $5
    it's only a 5% CTR with a CPC of $0.1

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    There is no "good" eCPM.

    It is a calculated value: eCPM = earnings/(impressions/1000)

    It helps you to compare the value of an Ad Spot with
    prices you would get if you would sell the spot on CPM basis.

    The CPM price for an Ad spot (if you would sell it directly) is
    depending on your niche and the importance of your site
    in your niche. Selling Ads directly is much easier if you are the
    "Top Dog" of your niche then if you are a small fish.

    When selling Ads directly to advertisers CPM prices ranging from
    10-50$ are very common however most likely those prices are
    payed to large Publishers, Agencies and Verticals and not
    spend on single sites (because it involves to much work
    for big Advertisers to manage their campaign over hundreds
    of different websites by themselves.)

    Regarding your original question eCPM totally depends on the
    number of impressions you get and your CTR.

    Anyone is able to achieve a 5$+ eCPM if he has 500 impressions a day
    and happens to get 2-3 clicks that pay more then a few cent.

    However on a scale of a million impressions or more 5$+ eCPM is
    a totally different thing.

    If you track all your Ad units with separate channels you'll most
    likely notice that some Ad units have a much higher eCPM then
    others depending on Impressions and CTR of course.
    If you just track your website globally you might want to read this:
    ((login for URL))

    An overall eCPM of 50 Cent is not much and there are for sure
    many ways to improve this. For example try different Ad units,
    placements and blending to increase your CTR and with that your eCPM.
    But you are exactly on the right forum for this "mission".

    Read all the tips here and start working on your Ad inventory.

    Just remember:

    1. Always track your results on an Ad unit level
    2. Always try to optimize your Ad placements
    3. Always do 50:50 split tests for at least a few days to see which change works best
    4. Never stop optimizing
    5. Work on bringing in more traffic because traffic = money
    6. Keep visiting
    7. Be patient

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    I'd be thrilled with a 50 cent eCPM... Sometime's Ive had 2 or 3 cents for 3000 impressions in one day. One day I had flat out zero for over 2000 impressions.

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    I guess it depends on the country you life or your websites adresses to.

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