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Thread: Setting up AdSense and Networks with DFP questions

This discussion is about "Setting up AdSense and Networks with DFP questions" in the "AdSense Placements" Forum.
Hello, I'm new here and not sure if this is the right section (free to move this thread if not) but I have been using ...

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    Default Setting up AdSense and Networks with DFP questions


    I'm new here and not sure if this is the right section (free to move this thread if not) but I have been using several ad networks including AdSense for years and now I am trying to integrate them all into DFP.

    I followed a few tutorials and it seemed to just add to my confusion as DFP only lets you archive versus delete attempts and requires unique names for each which is great for someone who is looking for specific targeting but this isn't the case with me only adding to the confusion.

    I'm used to creating an ad network chain using backup/passback tags and I understand that I can use AdSense through DFP by enabling the DFP ad unit or by trafficking AdSense (creating an order and line item) and have read the former vs the latter is preferred so that AdSense can complete dynamically.

    That said, my questions are as follows:

    1) If I just want to set up a single ad chain for three networks (A, B, C) and AdSense for the following sizes (160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 336x280 and 728x90) site wide and not target specific placements (using AdSense as the default when no better paying ad from A, B or C is available) how would this be accomplished easiest?

    Orders, Inventory, Creatives, Placements, Line Items etc all add to my confusion because I start adding my networks and add code in and am overwhelmed. If would be appreciated if a more versed member here can assist me with a brief summary of how to accomplish my goal.

    2) Do you agree that what I read is true in my case, that I should enable the DFP ad units versus creating an order and line item for each size using my current AdSense code as I would other networks?

    I already created some AdSense ones while experimenting, but as long as I don't select them for orders I assume if the "Maximize revenue of unsold and remnant inventory with AdSense" box is checked for each there is no need for the AdSense tags in DFP since DFP is linked to my AdSense account and the sizes are created and available there already.

    Thanks in advance for any help guys!

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    Update: My attempt tonight is the following:

    • I added my (non-AdSense) ad networks to Orders.
    • I added 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 336x280 and 728x90 sizes to my DFP Inventory and Enabled for AdSense is set to Yes for them all. I also created placements for the above sizes and linked them.
    • I added my (non-AdSense) ad network ad code to Creatives and linked them.

    Currently all of my Orders show "Ready" as a status, but I haven't generated any code yet because I sense the way I did the above is incorrect.

    I feel somehow I need to redo things to ensure all of the same-sized ads are linked to a single, corresponding size so that when I generate the tag for that size and place it on the site the ads from all networks (and AdSense) will compete for the impression.

    If any of the above is correct or incorrect let me know and Thanks again everyone!

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