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Thread: Higher CPC first ad on page?

This discussion is about "Higher CPC first ad on page?" in the "AdSense Placements" Forum.
Hi. Just joined the forum and gathering some great info here. I have not got to 10 posts yet so wont publish my site for ...

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    Default Higher CPC first ad on page?


    Just joined the forum and gathering some great info here. I have not got to 10 posts yet so wont publish my site for review.

    The question I have is what consideration do you put on the first ad type on the page on your Adsense site and the particular placing of this ad?

    My site has a top horizontal link ad menu with @ 8% CTR and then a Large Rec embedded within content formatted to the left, just underneath the page title with approximately the same CTR.

    When harvesting information on Ad placement I thought I read somewhere that the first ad on the page carries more weight with respect to a higher CPC ? Im assuming that this is down to advertisers preferring to bid on this style of ad

    Is there any truth in this?

    Im trying to ascertain whether it would be wise to remove the top link menu ad in favour of the Large Rec ad to accumulate higher CPC's. Maybe this is something that could be split tested.

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    Ad Slots are filled from top to bottom with the highest paying ads showing in the first ad unit.
    Link Units don't count into this because they don't contain ads when your page is loaded.

    A Large rectangle is good for clicks, a medium rectangle gets lesser clicks but higher CPC/CPM due to more advertisers bidding on this format with image ads (it's an IAB standard size).

    Hope this helps

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    I believe the individual ads are positionned not by their CPC but by their RPM value. That means that a particularly well written ad copy will have a better CTR than another. So the high CTR ad can have a lower CPC than another one, but still have a higher RPM. So this ad will be first position despite it having a lower CPC than the second one.

    So, if my guess is correct, generally we can speak about highest paying ads being first, but that doesn't mean highest CPC but rather highest RPM as a whole.

    And yes, link units are not part of the thing about ad units order in html..
    Well I think there is also a logic behind displaying keywords in link units, so maybe the same thing/ordering apply for them too, but link units and ad units are two separate things. It's the order of the ad units in the html code which is important, make sure the first ad unit in your code is also the one with highest CTR in your page.

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    Thanks for the fast and informative replies, loving this forum already, no BS just straight talking.

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