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Thread: Any Google Slaps for Adsense Publishers?

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Hi Guys I guess Im not the only one to be hit (SERPS) by the triple whammy Google algo changes in the month of April ...

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    Default Any Google Slaps for Adsense Publishers?

    Hi Guys

    I guess Im not the only one to be hit (SERPS) by the triple whammy Google algo changes in the month of April alone. Some big players especially Spencer Haws have had their Adsense accounts shut.

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    Theres been a lot of talk about too many ads above the fold and sites with poor user engagement. Have many of you been slapped or suffered loss in SERPS? How many Adsense sites are you juggling in one account?

    What changes have you implemented to avoid this big G penalty?

    Ive noticed Ive slipped down in most of my main keyword search terms but not had my account closed. Im currently using an aggressive layout with two top rectangles above the fold.

    Love to know your thoughts on this

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    No, I have several sites. Traffic comes and goes, there is nothing particular.
    As for adsense placement, I also use ad units above the fold preferably.

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    Since the penguin update nearly all my sites which were normal in SEO and incoming links have been relegated to the wilderness ie not in the top 50 searches, while in Bing and Yahoo they have increased in rankings. I also notice that the clickthrough has droped dramatically from 6%-9% down to under 1%. Have tried all the recommended things and have come to the conclusion that adsense is virtually dead.

    Google profits were down last quarter and with duplicate adverts showing on adsense at the moment and only the low paying ones at that I would assume that the advertisers are withdrawing from Goofle (not a mistype) in their droves and that is why the ad costs have slipped.

    I think Google expected webmasters to start paying top price on adwords to boost their income but it doesn't seem like that is happening for them.

    I hope they realise that they are on a slippery slope to nowhere and change things quickly. The old adage is look after your customers and they will look after you. They seem to have forgotten the basics of marketing and customer support.

    I can see a big revolt coming from the Google searchers who now have crap searches (excuse the language) to look at, the webmasters whose income has been slashed and the advertisers who are expected to pay more for less service.

    A request to Bing to start a similar service worldwide before chapter 11 forces Google out of business. Even Facebook use Bing searches, does that tell us something?

    One disgusted searcher, webmaster and advertiser.
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