What this mod does:
This mod adds a Google Adsense large rectangle after the last post of each thread if the thread has at least one reply.
It is blended to look like a regular post in your thread without violating google adsense TOS. Make sure you use the same colors you use on your forum to optimize blending!

Installation instructions:

in the template SHOWTHREAD find:

Please ((login for URL)) to see this code!
and add below:

Please ((login for URL)) to see this code!
Additional Comments:
Make sure you change all lines marked RED to fit your forum.
For better blending I use my Websites Logo as "Avatar" to make it look more like a post. For the same reason I added the "we have no influence..." part below the "Avatar". You can remove the whole "userinfo_extra" part if you don't like the text.

This Advertising will only be shown if a thread has at least 1 reply because I display 2 large rectangles in each thread to guests. One after the first post and this one after the last. If a thread has 0 replies both advertisings would show below each other and that would be to much. If you don't use "Adsense Integration as second post - StarBuG optimized blending" simply remove the condition:

Please ((login for URL)) to see this code!

Demo: ((login for URL))

Of course feedback is welcome and if you have suggestions to further improve CTR please let me know!

Kind regards