((login for URL)), we discussed ((login for URL)), a media planning tool to help you improve your placement targeting. Now that you’ve made your website visible to advertisers with Ad Planner and ad placements, we want to help you ensure that your ad units are also visible to advertisers and ready to be targeted. Here’s how to take advantage of advertiser spend with your ad units:

1. Implement your ad units ((login for URL)), where users are already engaging with your site. “Above the fold” refers to the area on a page that a user can see without scrolling down.

2. Where possible, use ((login for URL)) like the medium rectangle (300x250), large rectangle (336x280), leaderboard (728x90), and wide skyscraper (160x600).

3. Enable your ad units to ((login for URL)), so that all relevant, available ad inventory is competing to appear on your site. Many advertiser campaigns are made up of image ads, so we highly recommend activating this feature to take full advantage.

Once you've made the changes, not only will your ad placements be ready for this holiday season, but they’ll also be targetable by advertisers in future ad campaigns.

To learn more about these topics, check out our YouTube videos on ((login for URL)) and ((login for URL)), or read more in our ((login for URL)).

Check back next week for more ‘Tis the Season for Placement Targeting tips!

Posted by Charise Wong - Inside AdSense team

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