Over the past several weeks, we’ve given you tips about how to take advantage of ((login for URL)) as advertiser spend increases during the holiday season. In this final post of our “‘Tis the season for placement targeting” series, we’ll take a step back to talk about a popular topic that's generated buzz around Google and the online advertising industry: ((login for URL)). This is especially relevant to this series, as the goal of placement targeting is to offer premium space to advertisers so they can effectively reach their audiences. And these days, when you're talking about premium space, you're usually talking about space that's devoted to display ads.

Advertising on Google started out with four lines of text. In addition to the original text ads, you’re probably familiar with the image, video, and rich media ads we now offer. Did you know that, other than ads shown with search results, more than 40 percent of the ads that we show are now non-text ads? More and more advertisers are creating display ad campaigns as an interactive and engaging means to reach users. To take full advantage of these ads, refer to our last post on ((login for URL)).

Display advertising is a big area of focus for Google. We believe that the new technology we’re developing to make display advertising work better will help to grow the display advertising pie for all publishers, by orders of magnitude. We shouldn’t be asking how publishers can make another 5 or 10 percent out of display advertising in the next few years. We should be looking at how the industry can double or triple in size.

To learn more about Google’s position on display advertising and the steps we’re taking to push the thinking to the next level, read our recent blog post on the ((login for URL)).

This wraps up our “‘Tis the Season for placement targeting” series. We hope you learned a bit more about the impact of placement targeting and how you can take advantage of this feature to earn more from your online content

Posted by Meredith Blackwell - Inside AdSense team

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