I just received the following Email from Google:


In September we launched a new beta feature in DFP Small Business to help give publishers a way to connect with and promote their ad inventory to advertisers. Over the last few months, we have met with many of our publisher and advertiser partners who have been using the Marketplace to collect feedback.

As a result of your feedback, we have found that the current beta does not fit existing market needs of our partners and we will be discontinuing any further Marketplace development.

Over the next few weeks, your DFP Small Business inventory will no longer be viewable in DoubleClick Ad Planner, and the ability to promote your DFP Small Business inventory in Ad Planner will also be removed. To connect with new advertisers, we recommend that you ((login for URL)) and then ((login for URL)) to directly target your inventory.

We have learned a lot from this beta trial, and your Marketplace usage and feedback has directly impacted our product development efforts.

Thank you again for your participation and feedback.
The DFP Small Business Team

To bad. I had hoped that the marketplace would be opened for all publishers to sell advertising directly.

What are your thoughts on this?